Friday, 6 May 2011

Return of Betty

It has been a while readers, I apologise, it wasn’t you it was me, I promise I will change and put in more time and commitment these days.

A few things to report from my disastrous and inept world here in London, here's your first slightly depressing instalment:

Once again after much self protest I rejoined the wonders of mysinglefriend- once again I was in immediate regret at paying to receive email messages from weirdos.

My favourite of an odd bunch came from David; he had only the one very close up picture of himself which did reveal a hint of home and away eyes and a very ornament heavy shelving unit in the background:

Hello Betty,

So do you like dancing? - what type? I've recently taken up salsa and am actually really enjoying it - albeit that this was recently curtailed by a comedy dislocation of my knee at an 80s party involving a dorset naga chilli, batfink, top gun and a moustache....

Given the slightly random nature of this whole online dating thing, here are some random facts about me:

• my nickname at primary school was Dougal because one of the guys couldn't pronounce my surname and thought I looked like the dog from the magic has stuck ever since
• I dislocated my knee dancing to kung fu fighting at uni - very very embarrassing!
• At the risk of making myself sound geeky, I'm a big roller coaster fanatic, and would think nothing of travelling half the world to try out the latest thrill machines!!
• I'm also a bit of a pyromaniac nut and put on a big fireworks display at least once a year for friends

What are some random facts about you?

Anyway, if you fancy a drink and a giggle, it would be great to hear from you.

P.S. I know Kung Fu!

A salsa dancing, injury-prone, kung fo fighter and roller coaster fanatic that resembles Dougal from the Magic Roundabout- Salsa dancing makes me cringe, I am terrified of heights and exceptionally scared of the phrase ‘pyromaniac nut’- I was not convinced I wanted to join him for a giggle or share my ‘random facts’.

I have chosen not to renew the subscription and am removing myself entirely- I mean it this time, me and internet dating are over. (Please remind me of this in a few months whenever I show tell tale signs of weakness in my posts).

I am heading out to London town tonight to sample the real world and not act overly drunk and stupid- any chat up lines to rival my usual Barry chat up line very welcomed at this stage.


  1. Oh Betty, mysinglefriend isn't that bad! There has to be a kung-fu accident prone rollercoaster enthusiest woman out there for Dougal, just not you ;) But if it's not for you, it's not for you. Welcome back!

  2. Keep trying Betty, God loves a trier, whoever he is. Failing that target the bar men!

  3. Yay you are back and yay I'm now back to reading blogs! This is the first one I've read in weeks so feel very honoured!

    I was actually quite impressed with Dougal's email. Is that bad? Not so much about what he is into but that at least he put thought into his message to you. I changed my mind when he wrote about giggling though. Schoolgirls giggle. Men shouldn't.

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  4. "a dorset naga chilli, batfink, top gun and a moustache...."
    This frightens me. I don't even know what the first two things are. What an exotic land you live in.