Thursday, 22 March 2012

Say it don't spray it

A friend of mine recently made the school girl error of re-entering the world of online dating. Choosing a rather famously free (and mainly targeted at those guys looking to get a bit of action) site she got chatting to a young gent name James.
Via email he seemed funny, played various sports and aesthetically speaking passed the test with the few photos available for review.

To her disappointment he was nothing like his online persona, both physically and personality wise, he also appeared to have a bit of a problem keeping his saliva in his mouth, spitting at regular intervals during conversation.
After consuming two drinks out of politeness, my friend called me and decided to make her excuses and join us at a pub a few tube stops down rather than sitting it out with Jimmy Spit A-Lot.

After a fair few bevies in, my friend text some feedback to another friend regarding the date stating ‘’Left after two Corona's, date was odd, had a dodgy eye, kept touching my leg and spitting at me every other word- pretty horrific.’’

We can all guess who the mistaken recipient of this text was.

She is yet to hear back from James.

Always check and double check who you are sending a message too ladies and gents, technology is a danger to us all.

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