Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Thailand Adventure

A few months ago, bored of the usual London scene I decided to go global and headed off to the sunny shores of Thailand.

I travelled round backpacker style clutching my lonely planet guide for dear life.
After a few days I was very much enjoying the carefree existence, making new friends, crisping up my pasty skin in the scorching sun and consuming potent alcohol served in buckets.

One famous attraction of Thailand is the epic full moon party which involves many drunken tourists bonding together all night on a beach covered in Day-Glo paint. It is at this party that many drunken incidents take place mainly being injury based.

One Norwegian guy I met in Bangkok told me probably the most shocking drunken episode that happened to a young man that he met the day following the carnage.
Norwegian had been forced to head hospital after thinking it was a good idea to vacate a tuc tuc whilst in transit resulting in some intense cuts to his limbs.
In the waiting room he noticed a young lad sobbing loudly into his hands. Norwegian sat for a while wondering if he should speak to him or not. After a bit of a self debate he went across, placed his hand on sobbing mans back and gently asked if he was ok. The inconsolable man looked up and replied in a distraught tone ‘'NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT!’’
Norwegian blinked at him speechless - taking in the perfectly tattooed batman logo around the crying mans eyes.

Turns out the poor lad had decided to sample a fair few of the ‘special’ mushrooms that are available from some of the more colourful bars on the island. The vegetable consumption had inspired him to insist strongly that a tattoo artist permanently brand him as batman so that everyone was aware of his status.

Moral of the story- Don’t do drugs kids.
Silver lining- Crying man will never be stumped for what to go as on Halloween

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